BUOY Leadership Team

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Howdy!  Welcome to Buoy, our ministry for middle school and high school students.

We’re here to draw students into a relationship with Christ through mentorship, discipleship, teaching the Bible, fun & fellowship.

We meet Sunday nights 5-7pm in the Buoy Room.  We rotate week to week between Buoy and Buoy Games.

Buoy =  Worship, a Biblical challenge, small group time & prayer.

Buoy Games =  Group game time to build community then split into small groups.

Buoy Events = (2-3 times each semester) provides opportunity to invite friends to Buoy and to have more time sharing life and building friendships.


Buoy Goals

– To be a safe and Holy place while being safe and Holy people- teaching respect.

– To glorify God and seek to live a life that is beyond reproach (Titus 2:7-8)

– To teach our students that God is real, loves us and designed each of us in His image with purpose.


– To teach that in order to be free in him, we need to respond to Jesus.

– To teach the importance of committing time each week to meet together, grow together, laugh together and to safe guard consistent CHRIST CENTERED fellowship on a weekly basis.

–  To reach out to the families of our students that are not yet connected to the body of Christ.

Buoy Verse 2017:  
…as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15b

Buoy is solid because of the commitment of our incredible Buoy Leader Team and the love and support of our church family at Anchor.

Buoy Leaders:  Jamie Leslie, Cherith Anderson, Gow Gowan & Laura Gowan.

~ Laura Gowan

Buoy Lead